We’re looking forward to attending the NHS Population Health conference on 2nd November which will bring together NHS professionals to discuss PHM strategies aimed at addressing the many pressing issues facing the NHS.

Our COO and co-founder Laura Webber, will be giving a talk on Population Health Management of non-communicable diseases: measuring the impact of interventions.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are one of the major socio-economic challenges facing us today; in 2019, the UK spent £50.5 billion on long-term chronic conditions.

However, healthcare decision-makers, such as NHS/ICS Transformation & Innovation Directors, Chief Clinical Information Officers and Chief Digital & Information Officers, have no easy way of deciding which, out of a number of potential treatments, will be most effective from both a health and economic perspective.

Despite the major health and economic consequences of decisions which are not evidence-based, currently within the NHS there is not a widespread use of applications that quantitatively compare the health and economic future impact of different clinical interventions.

This is now a strategic imperative for the NHS to address, as set out in a recent report from The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries “Impactability Modelling for Population Health Management

Laura will be discussing how modelling techniques can be applied to help address the urgent healthcare challenge NHS decision-makers face when choosing between alternative clinical interventions.

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