When you need a future-facing decision engine for big, real world population health questions, we are the people to turn to. We work with:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotech investors
  • Government bodies
  • Public health organisations, NGOs and civil society
  • Health and environmental campaigning charities
  • Universities

We combine our unique population model with data, literature and policy analysis to help you:

  • Evaluate randomised trials into the future
  • Generate evidence for policy change
  • Make emerging technology investment decisions
  • Evaluate the impact of new or altered interventions or therapeutic treatments
  • Analyse and respond to epidemiological and related economic problems

Mapping dynamic futures

We model populations of up to 100 million people over future decades, then explore how different kinds of health risks (such as obesity, smoking or air pollution) might affect them.

Our model works dynamically, so it doesn’t just copy and paste the present into the future. Because it’s a micro-simulation, it individually follows all of the millions of people you need to understand.

That lets you track real change, showing you how your chosen population’s health will evolve and transform over time.