HealthLumen are specialists in applying precision epidemiological modelling to patient populations, providing exceptional insights into the current prevalence and the future health and economic burden of disease.

Our powerful genetic database analysis and microsimulation modelling technologies enable us to deliver unprecedented accuracy for modelling the current and future burden of NCDs and rare genetic diseases.

We provide actionable insights, and generate evidence, to support organisations in both the public and private sector with making key decisions in the lifecycle of a product or service, and with supporting the case for policy change.

Extensively published and validated, our microsimulation methodology has a long and well-established heritage since our origins in the public sector. Our team spent over a decade developing the platform as part of the UK Health Forum, before being acquired by HealthLumen in 2019.

More recently, our platform has been adapted to the specific requirements of modelling rare genetic conditions, a field to which microsimulation modelling is uniquely suited (Schofield et al., 2018) .

Our rigorous approach to dynamic modelling of the burden of disease aims to ensure we provide the most reliable and accurate insights to help our clients make informed decisions at every stage of the drug development lifecycle.

The Team

We have a highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team of geneticists, epidemiologists, mathematicians, data scientists, population health researchers, product designers and software engineers. Together, we aim to help provide the insights that support decision-making in the drug development process, all the way from molecule to market.

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Dr Simon Lande, CEO and Co-founder

Dr Laura Webber, COO and Co-founder

Join Our Team

Having just completed a round of recruitment, we currently have no open positions. However, we are always on the lookout for the right talent, and welcome speculative applications. So if you are looking for a new challenge that will both fulfil and inspire you, please write to

Our network


We collaborate closely with Imperial College Business School’s Centre for Health Economics and Policy Innovation. And we have strong relationships with a range of other leading-edge business, health and academic bodies.


RSPH logoWe work closely with our charity partner The Royal Society for Public Health. This partnership grew from our roots at the UK Health Forum and continues our commitment to supporting improvements in population health through better decision making.