HealthLumen is part of a consortium that has been a awarded a £50,000 Fast Start: Innovation grant to undertake a pilot project in Sandwell to reduce poor air quality through community measures.

Air pollution is a major environmental cause of early death: it is also responsible for short- and long-term respiratory conditions such as asthma and lung disease, and a significant contributor to health inequalities.

The project, led by air quality and public health consultants Enjoy the Air, in partnership with the Sandwell Council, aims to examine the link between air pollution, behaviour and the cost of air pollution-related healthcare in the Sandwell area.

If it is successful, the methodology will be rolled out to other councils to reduce the burden of air pollution-related disease through behaviour change and data-driven local authority policy and planning.

This project will build on our previous work analysing the effect of lockdown on air pollution-related health in two London boroughs.

The full press release is available here.

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