Today is a year since HealthLumen was founded. And, despite the current situation, we are fortunate that we have much to celebrate.

To get the company launched we completed a successful transaction with the UK Health Forum, taking ownership of a powerful microsimulation platform with a 12-year track record of modelling non-communicable diseases and the impact of interventions.

Along with the platform came the core team, retaining the deep expertise in the field, and a total commitment to taking our capability to the next level. We’re looking forward to welcoming two interns in the coming months, from our partners at Imperial College, who will be working on various elements of our product roadmap.

Shortly after launch, we established our base in the City of London, with a perfect office location near Aldwych. We are of course all currently working remotely, but hope to return to base in due course.

Our foundational work in the public sector has gone from strength to strength, covering a diverse range of work from air pollution and smoking cessation, to the impact of poor health on social mobility, and examining the synergies between risk factors for liver disease.

In parallel with that, we have made great progress taking our proposition to the private sector where our modelling capability can assist the decision-making process in many areas, but we are currently focusing on life sciences and health insurance. Within the pharmaceutical sector, our modelling can help evaluate the impact of prevention strategies or treatments, before expensive, time-consuming real-world implementation. In the health insurance sector, the ability to model the impact of individual risk behaviours on future disease outcomes can help insurers quantify the disease burden in the future within the insurers client population.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis the role of computer modelling in decision-making processes has become front-page news. We look forward to continuing to play our part in helping organisations in both the public and private sector make effective decisions, leading to improved health outcomes across the population.

Simon & Laura                                                                                                                                              HealthLumen Co-Founders

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